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 How do I mic a guitar amp with my ECS-410 Everest?

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PostSubject: How do I mic a guitar amp with my ECS-410 Everest?   Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:33 pm

Mic guitar amp: turn master output level and drive level all the way down to get initial levels
TouchPatch: Pre-Dyn-DriveBus
Gain around 12:00, so orange LEDS just start lighting at loudest notes
Pad 0, polarity +, 48V on for condenser off for dynamic or ribbon mics,
HPF on, output SS if tube amp or Tube if Solid State amp
If you hear distortion even though the meter is not lighting red, turn on the pad switch
Tight mode
Gain +2
Threshold 5, so 1-2 lights on meter light at the most
attack 1 and release 1 (watch LEDs so just peaks are caught)
tube mode if Solid State amp, SS mode if tube amp, output 6, turn drive up to get recording level
(Variations: drive at different levels by adjusting Drive and Output to get the perfect sound; try higher threshold and faster attack on Dynamics to compress the peaks more.)
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How do I mic a guitar amp with my ECS-410 Everest?
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