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 What is DriveBus?

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PostSubject: What is DriveBus?   Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:40 pm

The ECS-410's main output section is called DriveBus. This is an extremely versatile and flavorful addition to Everest and will provide an incredible palate of sounds, from open and clear to a complete riot of distortion.
Getting Signal: Select what is feeding DriveBus with TouchPatch. For example, Pre-EQ-DriveBus on TouchPatch means that the preamp is feeding the EQ section, then DriveBus. No Route means that nothing is internally routed to DriveBus, but you can still use this section by plugging in directly to the DriveBus input on the back panel.
Getting Tones: Once you have signal routed to DriveBus you can start digging in and getting tones. For a clean tone with only the most subtle overtones, turn the Output control to 10 and use the Drive control to get the level you need. For overdrive turn the Drive control to 10 and use the Output control to get the level you want. For tone in between clean and distortion, simply vary the levels between Drive and Output.
Switch: The switch on DriveBus chooses the signal path from SS (solid state, or discrete, high voltage transistor) to Tube (dual 12AX7A vacuum tubes) to bypass. The tonal difference between SS and Tube will be most distinct at higher drive levels. Try switching between both choices and decide which one you like the best. Switch to Bypass to take DriveBus out of the system completely.
Meter: 0 VU on the meter corresponds to +4dBu.
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What is DriveBus?
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