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 What is TouchPatch?

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PostSubject: What is TouchPatch?   Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:42 pm

TouchPatch is the unique routing system from Summit Audio which allows you to quickly and intuitively patch and reconfigure Everest into any of ten scenarios. Basically, TouchPatch shows what is feeding DriveBus, the main output section of Everest. Any part of Everest not routed to DriveBus is then completely usable on its own, as each section has its own inputs and outputs. For example, if you select Pre-EQ-DriveBus, the signal in Everest is traveling from the microphone preamp to the equalizer section, to the DriveBus output. The dynamics section can then be used on something else simply by plugging into it's unique inputs and outputs on the back panel. If you then select Pre-Dyn-DriveBus, the dynamics section input is turned off from the back and is instead fed by the Everest's microphone preamp.
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What is TouchPatch?
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