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 2BA-221 Mic & Line Module Operating Instructions

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PostSubject: 2BA-221 Mic & Line Module Operating Instructions   Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:23 pm

Basic tracking: Plug the input source into the correct input jack (mic into the back mic input jack, line level into the ¼" balanced line input jack on back, or an instrument in the Hi-Z input jack on the front). Plug the main XLR +4dB Tube output jack into the recording device. Use the solid state gain and tube output together to get the sound and level you want to record.

Choosing the right mic input impedance: Inside the manual is a basic list of microphones and their corresponding output impedance. Generally, mics are looking for AT LEAST four time their output impedance value. In general, turn the impedance control all the way up to 10k Ohms to start with and turn the impedance down to get the sound you desire or for an effect. You can get a lot of different tones with some microphones this way. Some microphones are impervious to the preamp's impedance; check their manual for details.

Using the microphone and line/Hi-Z input simultaneously: Plug a microphone into the mic input and an instrument into the Hi-Z input (or line level device like a CD player into the line input). Get individual levels with the solid state input gains and overall level and tone with the tube output control. The 2BA-221 mixes the two signals into a single output.

Using the 2BA-221 with the TLA-50 or another compressor: There are two ways to use a compressor with the 2BA-221. 1. Insert jack. Use a standard insert cable (1/4" TRS jack to two jacks) and plug the balanced side into the insert jack, the output (tip send) into the input on the compressor and the output of the compressor into the return (ring return). With the TLA-50, use the XLR in and out to avoid overloading the input. 2. Output. Send the main output of the 2BA-221 into the input of the compressor, then the output of the compressor into the recording device or sound system.

Using the 2BA-221 as a solid state preamp: Plug the signal source into the 2BA-221 (mic, line, or Hi-Z) and use the solid state input gain to get the signal level. Use the Stack Out on the back for a -10dB level solid state output. Please note that this output is polarity reversed from the input. The insert jack can also be used by plugging an unbalanced ¼" cable from the insert to the recorder or sound system.

Using multiple outputs for zero latency monitoring: All inputs and outputs on the 2BA-221 are buffered and available at the same time. Use the +4dB Tube output into your DAW's input and use the -10dB tube output to your monitor mixer to monitor you 2BA-221 without the DAW's latency.

Mounting the 2BA-221: Use the SRK-100 from Summit Audio to mount one or two 2BA-221's. They will also fit into a standard rack shelf although they tend to sag under the weight of these pieces.
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2BA-221 Mic & Line Module Operating Instructions
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