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 EQF 100 Basic Operating instructions

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PostSubject: EQF 100 Basic Operating instructions   Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:52 pm

Basic setup: Plug the EQF-100 directly into the insert jack or after the main outputs on the mixing console. Put the insert send into the XLR input, and the XLR output back into the insert return of the desired channel. If outboard preamps are being used, try sending the output of the preamp into the EQF-100. This EQ is also perfect before or after a compressor, and for side chain effects such as de-essing.

Boosting a frequency: Select which frequency you want to boost, put the Boost/Cut/Bypass switch to plus and increase the gain. Use the bandwidth control to affect more or less of the surrounding frequencies. A lower number on the bandwidth knob means a narrower bandwidth. If the frequency you want to boost is on the high or low band, set the Shelving/Resonant switch to resonant.

Setting up a low or high filter: Set all four Boost/Cut/Bypass switches to Out. Adjust the two filter settings to the desired frequencies.

Notch filtering: Find the approximate frequency to be attenuated (low, mid-low, mid-high, high). Set the bandwidth to wide (ten), the Boost/Cut/Bypass switch to Cut (minus), and the filter type to resonant (high and low bands only). Turn the gain all the way up (for the highest amount of cut) and start narrowing the bandwidth. Use the frequency select and bandwidth to narrow in on the frequency to be attenuated. Decrease the gain knob (decreasing the amount of cut) until the frequency is cut with the least effect on the surrounding frequencies.

Low or high shelving: Set the low or high EQ sections to shelving filter. Select the frequency where roll-off or boosting is to begin. Select plus or minus on the Boost/Cut/Bypass switch and turn up the gain knob to cut or boost above the high frequency selected or below the selected low frequency.
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EQF 100 Basic Operating instructions
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