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 FEQ 50 Basic User Guide

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PostSubject: FEQ 50 Basic User Guide   Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:07 pm

What is a passive EQ?

A passive equalizer uses no amplifier in the filter circuit, it uses inductors and high value capacitors to filter the sound. The result is very musical overtones and excellent phase coherency.

How do I hook up my FeQ-50?

The FeQ-50 has both -10dB (on ¼") and +4dB (on XLR) inputs on a single combo connector. Four outputs are supplied, +4dB XLR Tube and Solid State as well as -10dB ¼" TRS Tube and Solid State.
For example: 2BA-221 XLR out -> FeQ-50 XLR input -> FeQ-50 XLR Tube output -> recording device input

How can I send the outputs of the FeQ-50 to multiple places?

All four outputs on the FeQ-50 are active at the same time so send them where you want! For example: 2BA-221 XLR output -> FeQ-50 XLR input -> FeQ-50 XLR tube output -> DAW input; FeQ-50 XLR solid state output -> TLA-50 input -> TLA-50 output to DAW input; FeQ-50 ¼" solid state output -> monitor input for no latency monitoring

I don't hear the HPF working when I switch it on; is it working?

The high pass filter on the FeQ-50 is a rumble filter only. It is set at 30Hz with a gentle 6dB per octave rolloff. If you don't have a bunch of low frequency rumble making your sound muddled you probably won't hear it working.

How do you mount the FeQ-50?

Use the SRK-100 from Summit Audio to mount one or two FeQ-50's. They will also fit into a standard rack shelf although they tend to sag under the weight of these pieces.

How and when should you change your tubes?

We have seen 10,000 hours and more out of our vacuum tubes without signal degradation. We accomplish this by regulating the heater voltage to the tubes, greatly increasing their life, something of a rarity if this industry. So, time is not as much of an issue as is sound. If you hear a ringing sound in your audio or when you rap your knuckles on the front, the tube is going microphonic. If you hear an increase in the noise floor, the tube may need to be replaced. Contact us if you need new tubes, we can help.
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FEQ 50 Basic User Guide
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