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 TLA 100 Basic User Guide

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PostSubject: TLA 100 Basic User Guide   Mon Apr 13, 2009 4:23 pm

Basic operation: After warm up (15 minutes), set the Gain Reduction control to 0 and adjust the Gain control for 0VU on the meter. Switch the attack to slow and the release to fast. Now adjust for the desired amount of gain reduction and recheck the output level.

As the amount of gain reduction is increased, the processed audio follows a smooth reduction curve, thereby changing the compression ratio. In this way, compression may be easily controlled. If a large peak is detected, the unit will automatically increase the compression ratio to keep the audio output controlled.

If a low compression ratio is desired, turn the gain reduction control until the meter indicates a small amount of gain reduction. If a higher ratio is desired, set the gain reduction control so the meter indicates a high amount of gain reduction. Try different attack and release settings, depending upon the program material and the desired effect.

Tracking, live sound, mixing: Plug the TLA-100A into your mixing console's insert jack or patch bay. The TLA-100A also sounds great if inserted directly in line after the preamplifier.

Compressing a stereo mix: Insert a 1/4" cable into two TLA-100A's link jacks, set the attack and release switches and gain reduction on both units to the same settings. Put both units in link mode. The channel with the strongest peak will override both units.

De-essing: Plug a TRS insert cable into the side chain jack on the back of the TLA-100A. Plug the send (tip) of the insert cable to the input of an EQ, and the return (ring) of the cable to the EQ output. Boost the frequencies on the EQ that you want to compress (de-ess).

Ducking: Send the output of the "lead" program material into the side chain input after inserting the TLA-100A on the "background" program material. Example: Send the output of a vocal mic into the side chain, with the TLA-100A inserted on the lead guitar track. As the singer uses the vocal mic, the lead guitar will decrease in amplitude.
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TLA 100 Basic User Guide
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