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 DCL-200 Basic Operating Instructions

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PostSubject: DCL-200 Basic Operating Instructions   Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:37 pm

Tracking, live sound, mixing: For tracking, plug the output of the microphone preamp into the input of the DCL-200 or use the insert jack on the preamp. For more of the DCL-200 sound, turn down the output on the preamp and use more of the make-up gain on the DCL-200. When mixing with the DCL-200 in the studio or for live sound, insert the DCL-200 on the main inserts or after the master output, or use on the inserts on individual channels for compressing single instruments.

Compressing a stereo mix: Plug the DCL-200 into the main inserts of your mixing console or from the master outputs. Set the DCL-200 into Link mode to run in stereo. The AC Threshold, Slope, Attack, and Release controls on channel one (the top channel) will operate both channels. The bypass switches, meter switches, and the gain controls will need to be set for each side.

De-essing or other frequency-dependent compressing: Plug a TRS insert cable into the side chain jack on the back of the DCL-200. Plug the send (tip) of the insert cable to the input of an EQ, and the return (ring) of the cable to the EQ output. Boost the frequencies on the EQ that you want to compress (de-ess).

Ducking: Send the output of the "lead" program material into the side chain input after inserting the DCL-200 on the "background" program material.

Example: Send a secondary output of a vocal mic into the side chain, with the DCL-200 inserted on the over-all music track. As the singer uses the vocal mic, the music will decrease in amplitude. This is perfect for broadcast use when the DJ needs to speak over music, or a lead guitar plays a solo over the rhythm track in mixing.
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DCL-200 Basic Operating Instructions
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